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Peter Shackleford, founder and owner of Solar Shack is a qualified air craft electrician. Due to the need for redundancy in aircraft components, Peter brings the same discipline into solar system design. He started experimenting with all things solar 15 years ago, leading to being one of the first companies to import stainless steel geysers for solar, into South Africa. Plumbing not being his forte, we started with micro solar panels and inverters. The learning curve was almost vertical!
We then designed and supplied the market an automatic switch over box. This took over the manual connection of an inverter and connected the relevant electrics switching from grid/utility, to inverter automatically. 
From here on, we moved onto BIGGER things; grid tie systems.

Today we supply a tried and tested, very successful solar system that will supply the consumer with power from the sun during the day (free electricity) and will automatically move to the energy stored in the batteries; energy that was put in the batteries by the solar panels or PV's. All at no cost to the consumer!

The beauty of the system that we supply is that it is giving the customer the option of a fail over only and/or a full semi off grid system with solar panels. In the fail over system, during the power fails, the inverter/inverters automatically kick in and supplies stored power to the consumer. When the power comes back on, it automatically goes back to grid and also recharges the batteries. All seamlessly… The same system can be fitted with solar panels at a later date should this be the route the consumer wants to go.

A solar system, if designed correctly, should not encroach on a consumer’s life style. Having said that, there is a mind shift in so far as a consumer has wanted to save on the use of power in order to cut costs. Now it is a matter of not using excessive power in order to lengthen the usable time stored in the battery bank.

Getting a little more personal…

Solarshack is a Family Owned business.

Majority of our our business comes from happy customers telling their friends and associates about us and how happy and impressed they are with both our service and our very competitive pricing.
We do not believe in selling or supplying a client something they do not need. The result is an effective solution that works without breaking the client’s bank…