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Solar Panels
Solar Panels

Collecting Energy

We supply a wide variety, top-of-the-line Polycrystalline as well as Monocrystalline PV Panels.We ensure that top quality products are used and are right for the customers needs

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverters

Affordable & Reliable

The Inverter brands that we associate ourselves with are well known products. These are products with a great reputation, known for for their reliability and affordability. Our smaller inverters (1000W systems) are PWM systems and our larger inverter systems (5000-10000W) are MPPT systems. For a more in depth explanation, please feel free to contact us directly.

solar batteries
Solar Batteries

Feel The Power

We only use German designed deep cycle gel solar batteries, ensuring that you will get the most cycles possible out of your batteries, resulting in a longer lifespan than normal fully sealed lead acid batteries

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Transportable Power Centre

For remote sites, remote work. Sites, villages etc.

SOUTH AFRICAN INOVATION FOR South African conditions and requirements
Built to order
Includes trailor
Pricing starts at R 168 000 for a 5 kw power centre

Solarshack best of breed inverters for the right requirement:

Each inverter has been selected by SolarShack to satisfy a particular requirement.



Grid tie and Hybrid in one with remote monitoring

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Grid tie and Hybrid in one with remote monitoring

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Battery technology and power storage.

Power storage is the Achilles heel of Solar. It is expensive and it has a life span.

Traditionally Gel batteries or AGM( All Glass Matt) have been cost effective and safe.

However Lithium with the advances in technology have become a very viable option.

A gel battery or AGM battery can be cycled in the region of 400 times depending on current draw and depth of discharge.

Today lithium-ion Phosphate batteries are stable and have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. This being cycled every day ( discharged and recharged.) the pricing has also become a very viable proposition.

It is great importance that a lithium battery pack is matched to an inverter. i.e. the inverter must be certified to operate safely with the Lithium battery pack

A good Lithium pack will have on board charge controls and fail safes.


Dyness is equipped with intelligent BMS  for each battery pack to manage modules effectively.

Their batteries come with a 10 year warranty

For example, With  2.88kWh available  (80% DoD)( Depth of discharge) you have the option of running 1.44kW's worth of appliances for 2 hours or 960 watts for 3 hours making it perfect for households and small to medium-sized businesses.

Expand this by simply plugging in more batteries to have a larger capacity powerhouse.

Dyness wall mount batteries take up very little space.

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